Bärn. A city of bridges and bears.

Gonna make it short today.  (If you read it.. or checking out I left a question under the post 😉 )

So. Big city trip I had.

You know the feeling when these four walls of your apartment get closer and there is finally no air to breath ? Well I had it. If I have had time to prepare I would have gone hiking but there was none so I just went somewhere. Having the feeling of missing something in Bern went there to check out what was is exactly.

»First steps to the river. When you look stuff up in Bern the first tourist attraction is the river. I thought ok… Then I saw botanical garden.. Ok. Botanical garden at the river.. Ok done. I was heavily surprised that there was no entrance fee (not Swiss alike).

I was amazed big time. They have dangerous turtles living in a pond..like a big Rottweiler dog in front of the door. I though well done You guys.. don’t stick your hands somewhere you shouldn’t 😉

biting turtles














And I wonder if I can get a coffee plant like the one I saw there.















»Anyways the river Aare is in Bern is hell of a turquoise so very much clear, Swiss alike. People swim with the flow and surf occasionally. Yes of course in the old town.




For me it is a city of bridges. One bridge under another bigger one. The bigger one for the traffic and smaller one for people who want to jump into the water.




Naturally I didn’t have my camera with me so I was glad to have smartphone which I lately am not so fond of but it is another subject. Anyways I could take some pics and that’s the point.

Why bears.. check out the Bern’s emblem 😉 And why Bärn? It is how Berners say it.. or even generally Swiss say it but definitely Berners… they make this word long and slow. From what I heard life in Bern is slower in general 😉


I enjoyed the walk which I wish you all sometimes. If it gets narrow just make a step outside.. or change the apt, how You wish.


PS: Would that be interesting for anyone to get a Swiss kind of summary of my time here? heading towards 2 year anniversary of being here and thought I could write a post to summarize how what here in Switzerland? Write me pls in comments 😉









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